Sawing and Cutting

Precision sawing and cutting machines for crosscutting, ripping, panel breakout, and more.

Whether you are cutting panel products, solid wood, or composites, we have the sawing and cutting machinery solutions for you. Sizing a part accurately, efficiently, and safely is paramount in the production of any wood component.

Akhurst offers saws for both solid wood and panel processing applications. Our solid wood sawing machinery includes ripsaws, chop saws, optimizing crosscut saws, bandsaw, table saws and radial arm saws, and more.

Our panel processing solutions included sliding table saws and vertical panel saws. Altendorf invented the sliding table saw and has perfected its design over the past 115 years, offering the F45 as the benchmark in the industry for quality and innovation. With its wide range of options, it can be configured specifically for you.

Our Cantek range of saws and cutting solutions is the widest available in the industry today. From solid wood cutting solutions like chop saws, single and multi ripsaws, vertical and horizontal resaws to panel saw solutions, like the top-selling D405ANC, Cantek has the solution to fit your production requirements and budget needs.

Leadermac provides multi-rip solutions for MDF panels and roll feed ripsaws for softwoods where maximum yield is required.

Tipgerstop optimizing cut-off saws are ideal for production crosscutting where accuracy and precision are required. They are used to remove defects from the board and can optimize between defects for optimum yield.

Striebig vertical panel saws save precious shop space while producing high-quality panel sizing solutions for cabinet and millwork shops.

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