Dovetail Machines

Upgrade your cabinets with durable and aesthetic dovetail drawer boxes.

Dovetail drawers in cabinetry are fast becoming a staple in most kitchens, thanks to dovetail machines. The dovetail signifies quality and durability due to its long history of proven performance. The tapered shape of the tenon and mortise, which, when assembled, makes it virtually impossible to take apart, especially when glued. Drawers are used every day and often contain heavy items. Breaking apart causes undue stress for the homeowner and ultimately you, the cabinet builder when it needs replacing. We have the right dovetail machines for you, whether producing a few drawer boxes per day or requiring a higher performance of up to 80 dovetail drawer boxes per hour.

CANTEK offers manual and semi-automatic dovetail machines, which are ideal for small to mid-sized cabinet shops looking to produce their own drawers. The OMEC CNC range of dovetailers can produce a wide range of dovetail joints as they are not limited to a fixed pitch. As the working cycle is optimized according to the height of the drawer sides, you achieve added production efficiencies. The DOUCET DWM is a robust press to assemble the dovetail drawer boxes. Its rapid width adjustment, robust frame, and powerful clamping pressure ensure square drawer boxes and greatly speed up the assembly process.

If you are looking for dovetail machines, Akhurst Machinery is your choice.

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