Why Akhurst Machinery?

While our Company’s commitment to excellence is reflected in a consistent strengthening of business systems, strategic alliances, and partnerships with customers, our success would not be possible without the incredible commitment of our staff.
We value our employees and wish to maintain an environment where our employees can succeed in their own goals while helping others succeed in theirs. At Akhurst, we believe that all employees have an important contribution to make, both individually and to the team. We are committed to providing an environment where all employees are encouraged to reach their highest potential.
Please join us in our commitment to superb customer service, aiming to be the best that we can be, and continuing to build on our Company’s success.

Core values in action.

We regard our customers, employees and suppliers as family. This means that we value long-term, respectful and authentic relationships. We always look out for each other.

We demonstrate moral courage by consistently living our values. We maintain high ethical standards in all of our business dealings.

We know that more can be accomplished when everyone is working together. Although we value harmony, we address conflicts constructively and with healthy debate. We make decisions for the good of Akhurst, not our individual gain.

Join the Akhurst family.