Akhurst Service. Keeping your investment producing for you.

At Akhurst, our team knows how important it is that your equipment remains operating at a high level, producing quality products. We have the support team in place to ensure this for our clients and have been doing so for over 80 years.

Whether doing an equipment start-up, training your staff, performing repairs, or providing preventative maintenance, our technicians will have your machine up and running as quickly as we can. With service technicians located throughout our five offices, plus additional contract service technicians, we are here to ensure you receive the technical support that you need to maximize your production time.

500 +

machine installs/year


Ensuring your equipment starts producing from the day it is installed is our priority. It all comes down to a thorough installation process and proper operator training. Our factory-trained technicians provide expert instruction on machine setup, application training, diagnostics, and maintenance procedures.

4000 +

support calls/year


Our service team is available for both onsite and remote service. By contacting our service coordination team, we can save you time and money by getting you the service you need when you need it. With coast to coast coverage, we can provide a full-service approach: onsite technical, telephone, and video support. All of this will help ensure optimal uptime and maximum performance of your equipment.

$ 3000000

parts and tooling


We carry over $3 million in spare parts, and our parts professionals can work with you on expediting your order according to your needs.  We also have a wide range of tooling and supplies which can be purchased at our online store.

42000 +

hours of service/year


Why wait for your machine to break down when most issues can be prevented through scheduled regular maintenance? This service also ensures your equipment runs at optimal levels and produces the quality product both you and your customers expect.