Beautiful cabinetry requires precision edge banding solutions for optimal aesthetics.

With such a wide array of panel types and finishes available on the market today, you need the right edgebander to ensure the optimum esthetic of your case goods and cabinet doors.

At Akhurst, we have the right edge banding solution to fit your application, production requirements, and budgeting needs. Today the demands on edgebanders have never been higher, so, in response, our manufacturing partners have worked to revolutionize the edgebander. Edgebanding machines are designed to minimize setup while allowing for wide flexibility of edge banding applications and they can be configured for EVA, Polyurethane, or Polypropylene glues to minimize the visible glue joint. Working units like pre-milling, corner rounding, and glue scraping are available to produce the optimum finished edge.

Our Cantek edgebanders are ideal edgebanding solutions for the small to the mid-sized cabinet shop to suit your application and budget needs. The Bi-Matic range of edgebanders is available in traditional edgebanders and fully programmable edgebanders designed to eliminate setup time like the Prima 7.3 Plus ONE and Prima 7.5 Plus TWO edgebanding machines. Altendorf has long since been synonymous with panel saws and producing the perfectly cut panel, and now with the Altendorf edgebanders, they are producing the perfect edge. The Altendorf F5 is a compact edgebander which has it all from pre-milling to corner routing.

The edgebander can be configured with an automatic return conveyor, eliminating the need for a second operator on the machine’s tailing end. Parts are automatically returned to the machine’s infeed, and certain options or models can be rotated to minimize handling.

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