Modular Building

Modular Building Automation is a global leader in designing and producing equipment for the offsite construction sector.

Modular Building Automation (MBA), a joint venture of the renowned companies J.J. Smith in the UK and Ireland and H&M headquartered in the Netherlands, are involved in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and worldwide sales of MBA equipment for the offsite construction sector. With a focus on timber and steel frame construction, as well as elements and volumetric methods, the company is perfectly positioned to serve this expanding industry with cutting-edge modular building automation technology. Offering a range of solutions from individual machines and production lines to full modular factory setups, our automated timber frame production systems cover nailing, stapling, routing, panel rotation and lifting, modular framing tables, and automated squaring stations for prefabricated walls, floors, and roofs. Given the present-day challenges associated with housing construction expenses across the world, we believe this is the perfect time to help provide a cost-effective solution.

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