Planers and Jointers

Whether you are looking to flatten or thickness boards, we have the solutions for you.

Cantek has steadily grown into an industry leader in North America and offers a wide range of industrial planers and jointers solutions. Whether you are looking for a single-sided or double-sided planer, we have you covered. Cantek single-sided planers range from 20” to 32” wide with a wide range of models to suit your production needs no matter how demanding they are. Cantek double-sided planers are available in 18” to 51” wide.  Standard machines come with chain drive and are also available in high-speed cardan shaft drive modes. Our planers come with spiral insert knife cutterheads that produce a pristine finish with minimal load and long wear life.

The Cantek J127LH and J168LH 12” & 16” long bed jointers are build to last. Their solid cast iron infeed and outfeed table, back fence are precision machined and polished to ensure optimal jointing capabilities. As with our planers, all Cantek jointers come with a spiral insert knife cutter head.

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