Pressing and Laminating

From panel gluing and pressing to membrane cabinet doors, we have you covered.

Since 1954, Italpresse, focusing on the pressing and laminating machine segment, has designed and manufactured a wide range of hydraulic presses and lines complete with pressing intended both for craftwork and large manufacturers in the wood and composite industries. Our primary offerings are the Italpresse XL stand-alone hot presses to full pressing lines. Also, Italpresse manufactures a complete range of membrane presses for cabinet doors and furniture components.

Osama provides solutions for the application of glue with gluing roller systems. With experience gained in over 50 years of activity worldwide, Osama can produce stand-alone machines or full gluing lines combined with handling systems for different sectors and different types of adhesives and glues. Their two roll and four roll glue spreaders are widely used in millwork applications for applying glue to a substrate in the panel lamination process.

The Dotul stile presses are used to apply veneers to a substrate or any type of core material, including engineered flooring. They are available in either fixed or adjustable platen designs.

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