Powerful vacuum press for woodworking and vacuum forming Solid Surface with flexible customisation possibilities.

The Global Vacuum Press Professional Vacuum Membrane Press is designed to fit the needs of all trained woodworkers and craftsmen who need a powerful vacuum membrane press for day-to-day operations and larger-scale projects.

Equipped as standard with a 40 m³/h vacuum pump, natural rubber or silicone membrane, vacuum pressure switch and ball valve, the features of this membrane press are ideal for professional woodworking and Solid Surface thermoforming. A rigid and ergonomic steel-welded frame construction, stable legs and 18mm thick HPL worktop ensure optimum stability and a convenient way to work.

The Global Professional press is available with different membrane types and optional features to meet customer requirements and application needs. For continuous and automated press cycles, there is an optional PLC unit, allowing specific custom press cycles and production monitoring, guaranteeing constant and uniform production quality.

Why Global Vacuum Press Professional?

  • Durable vacuum press with ergonomic design; Steel-welded frame with resistant 18 mm HPL worktop
  • Vacuum press switch for automatic vacuum pump stop, for easy operation
  • Powerful 40 m³/h vacuum pump capacity, dry-running rotary vane quality vacuum pumps
  • Heat-resistent silicone membrane (Natural rubber, latex, and polyurethane membranes available)
Press area
2540 x 1420 mm
2540 x 1620 mm
3140 x 1420 mm
3140 x 1620 mm
3740 x 1420 mm
3740 x 1620 mm
Manual operation
Vacuum control valve
Vacuum pump
40 m3/h vacuum pump
Rotary vane, oil-free
Max. pressure
8.5 t/m2 = 150 mbar abs. (85% Vacuum)
Natural rubber, 2mm
Silicone, 2 mm
Work top
18 mm wear-resistant HPL compact board
Grid line raster for even air evacuation
Working height 900 mm
4 x Industrial swivel wheels, 2 with break
Elec. connection
220 / 400V, 3~, 50 / 60 Hz
Max. power
1.25 kW
1.25 kW
1.25 kW
1.25 kW
1.25 kW
1.25 kW
2720 x 1660 x 980 mm
2720 x 1860 x 980 mm
3320 x 1660 x 980 mm
3320 x 1860 x 980 mm
3920 x 1660 x 980 mm
3920 x 1860 x 980 mm
375 kg
375 kg
420 kg
420 kg
475 kg
475 kg
CE – Declaration of conformity
CO – Certificate of origin (on request)
Technical information may differ slightly.

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