The economical vacuum membrane press for easy veneering, laminating, bending, and vacuum forming of solid surfaces.

The Global Vacuum Press Standard is a very cost-efficient that provides ideal solutions for woodworking with flat and curved components, including thermoforming applications.

The press has been designed for individual to medium production capacities and is equipped with a dry running vacuum pump and highly elastic natural rubber or silicone membrane. The vacuum ball valve and pressure gauge offers manual control during vacuum build-up.
For optimal adaptation to customer needs, Global offers optional features like the vacuum pressure switch for automatic vacuum pump stop, swivel wheels for ease of movement around the workshop and vacuum tank for extra-fast vacuum build-up.

Why Global Vacuum Press Standard?

  • Durable worktop for daily use; even vacuums build-up through grid lines
  • Includes vacuum ball valve for manual vacuum control
  • Different membrane types depending on application (latex, natural rubber, or heat-resistant silicone)
  • Maintenance-free quality vacuum pumps, up to 25 m3/h
Press area
1440 x 1440 mm
2560 x 1440 mm
2560 x 1640 mm
3160 x 1440 mm
3160 x 1640 mm
3760 x 1440 mm
3760 x 1640 mm
Manual operation
Vacuum pressure switch AUTOMATIC / OFF / CONTINUOUS
Vacuum release valve
Vacuum pump
16 m3/h vacuum pump
Rotary vane, oil-free
25 m3/h vacuum pump
Rotary vane, oil-free
25 m3/h vacuum pump
Rotary vane, oil-free
Max. pressure
8.5 t/m2 = 150 mbar abs. (85% Vacuum)
Natural rubber, 2mm
Silicone, 2 mm
Work top
13 mm wear-resistant HPL compact board
Grid line raster for even air evacuation
Working height 900 mm
4 x Industrial swivel wheels, 2 with break
Elec. connection
110/230V, 1~, 50/60 Hz
Max. power
0.55 kW
0.80 kW
1610 x 1650 x 970 mm
2720 x 1650 x 970 mm
2720 x 1850 x 970 mm
3320 x 1650 x 970 mm
3320 x 1850 x 970 mm
3920 x 1650 x 1000 mm
3920 x 1850 x 1000 mm
165 kg
255 kg
255 kg
300 kg
300 kg
355 kg
355 kg
CE – Declaration of conformity
CO – Certificate of origin (on request)
Technical information may differ slightly.

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