A more efficient way to glue panels.

The Osama S2R automatic two roller glue spreader is without doubt a good starting point for those applying glue by hand roller. The S2R is economically priced, easy to use, and simple to clean at the end of each shift.   This glue spreader is suitable for small and medium-sized operations and can be used a stand-alone solution or can be used in a pressing or laminating line.

Why Osama S2R Automatic Two Roller Glue Spreader?

  • Uniform and constant gluing throughout the panel surface
  • Can apply glue to the bottom, top, or both panel surfaces
  • Working widths available from 400mm to 1600mm
  • Can be used as a stand-along glue spreader or can be fitted in a laminating line

  • Standard version includes two gluing rollers each with their own glue tray
  • Fixed feed speed of 18 m/min
  • Internal protection and water recovery tank in galvanized sheet metal
  • Working widths available from 400 to 1600 mm.
  • Rubber coated gluing rollers are 185mm in diameter and are precision machined with grooves according to the glue thickness required and application
  • Rubber rolls can be resurfaced three to four times before needing to be re-covered


Akhurst Machinery Group, a distinguished leader in the North American machinery industry, is excited to announce a significant milestone in their longstanding strategic partnership with Marinus Machinebouw, as they are selected as the exclusive distributor of Marinus for North America.

Akhurst Machinery Group, a prominent player in the North American machinery industry, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Modular Building Automation (MBA), a Dutch company specializing in machinery for prefabricated homes, modular buildings, and offsite construction solutions. MBA, a joint venture of the renowned companies J.J. Smith in the UK and Ireland and H&M headquartered in the Netherlands, is involved in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and worldwide sales of MBA equipment.

Akhurst Machinery Group, a prominent player in the machinery industry, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Stromab SPA, an Italian manufacturer of innovative crosscutting solutions. This collaboration signifies a major commitment by both companies to bring cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions to the North American market. Akhurst Machinery Group, the parent company behind the well-known brands of Cantek and Leadermac USA, will leverage Stromab SPA’s expertise in crosscutting solutions to enhance its offerings in North America.