SP-RSI Panel Cleaner

Machine Information

This 4 roller gluer, without doubt superior to the S4R model, enables the quantity of glue dispensed to be uniformly adjusted. This includes gluing MDF panels and paper clad panels, clearly allowing for the type of lining on the rollers, which must be suitable for the type of production envisaged, often involving extremely thin veneers. By slightly increasing the force on the dispenser rollers and carefully adjusting the thickness and the inverter drive speed an acceptable compromise can be achieved for various applications.

The heavy structure and also the roller cores, designed with greater thickness compared to previous models, enable high work rates to be sustained without incurring any particular problems.

Useful working widths of 2200 mm can be achieved using these materials, increasing the installed horsepower and directly driving the spreader rollers.

Replacing the rollers for maintenance thus becomes a more simple operation, with supports divided in half and easy bayonet coupling.