For professional and precise glue supply in dowel holes and back side grooves.

The Gannomat Injecta glue inserter is an electronically controlled, precision glue delivery system for dowel construction and cabinet assembly.  The unit is on casters and is completely pressurized which allows you to take the unit to the work.

Why Gannomat Injecta Glue Inserter?

  • Consistent glue amount every time
  • Ergonomic and light weight glue gun reduces operator fatigue
  • Increased efficiency when compared with glue bottles
  • No cleaning required after the job is done with a precision glue delivery system

  • Available in two configuration with 1 or 2 glue inserter units
  • Fully automatic PLC electronic control
  • Potentiometer for stepless setting of glue amount
  • Program selection by push button at the glue pistol:
    • Program 1: Pulse operation for gluing of dowel holes
    • Program 2: Continuous operation for permanent gluing of back side grooves
  • Closed gluing system means glue can remain in the pot after use
  • Comes with (1) stainless steel pot with 5 kg glue capacity and (1) stainless steel pot which can hold 5 liters of water which is used for cleaning
  • Selector switch GLUE / WATER for cleaning of the gluing system
  • Movable by castors

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