Concept Primus Case Clamp

Machine Information

  • Sturdy durable steel frame construction in welding and screw design
  • TOP lamellar pressure beam with 7 machined steel bars (laminae), SIDE lamellar pressure beam with 6 machined steel bars (laminae)
  • Lamellar clamping beam with workpiece tolerance compensation (System Ganner), proved in practice, for tight cabinet joints
  • Counter-pressure (fixed sidewall, bottom) surfaces, 38 mm thick solid laminated continuous working platforms
  • Electronic motorized adjustment of both pressure beams by precision trapezoidal-threaded spindles (with high thread lead and concentrated accuracy) and heavy-duty machine running nut with integral grease reservoir
  • The pressing force of each pressure beam is stepless electronically controlled through the control and regulated by frequency changers, therefore the pressing force control is absolutely wear-free
  • Pressing force of the top pressure beam (horizontal) min. 800 daN (kg) stepless till max. 3500 daN (kg)
  • Pressing of the side pressure beam (vertical) min. 600 daN (kg) steplesx till max. 3500 daN (kg)
  • Pressing velocity of the pressing beams with fine positioning, automatic controlled according chosen pressing force:
    • 600 daN (kg) or 800 daN (kg) till 1100 daN (kg) Pressing velocity 5 mm/second
    • 1200 daN kg) till 3500 daN (kg) Pressing velocity 10 mm/second
  • Adjustment rate with rapid positioning 50 mm/second, controlled by automatic workpiece recognition with sensors in the laminae pressure beams
  • Simple operation by electronic controller with LCD display and transparency-protected keyboard for: Main and PRE-PRESSURE INPUT (TOP and SIDE pressure separately) with electronic pressure monitoring. Pressure time pre-selection with automatic opening/item counter/self-diagnostics