Index Trend CNC Dowel Inserter

Machine Information

CNC Controlled Point-to-Point Drilling, Gluing and Dowel Inserting Machine for
Variable Programming of Boring Patterns.

  • Control by IBM compatible industrial PC. Two different control systems are available. Standard-Control and LS-Control.
  • Easy programming by menu based software. Boring patterns are selectable by ABSOLUTE, RELATIVE, or PITCH programming. Automatic mirror image programming and working sequence optimization.
  • Starting of the working process through manual start buttons, or fully automatic through workpiece sensors in the machine table (optional).
  • Side stop left, side stop right, and center stop are all removable.
  • Front stop with either 10 single stops or 2 continuous, height adjustable front stops (optional).
  • Greatest flexibility and universal application for case goods, drawers, frame parts and solid wood components.
  • The standard 2 (and up to 4) working fields allow the processing of 1 (and up to 4) workpieces in sequence. At the same time the first piece is in operation, the second workpiece can be loaded or unloaded, saving valuable machine time.
  • CNC-controlled X-Axis with travel speed of max. 75 m/min and a standard drill speed of 8.000 RPM guarantees fastest cycle times and highest production.
  • Large selection of accessories according to specific needs.
  • The Index machine concept is the ideal complement to CNC-working centers, with complete processing of drilling, gluing, and dowel-inserting in one operation and lower hourly machine costs.
  • The MONOLITH design of the welded steel base construction guarantees durable precision. The machine table and guideway is ONE solid unit.
  • Strong widely spaced profile bearing guides and ball screw drive system with central lubrication offers the highest travel speed.
  • Mechanical dowel diameter and dowel length control prevents the insertion of any oversized (+2mm) dowels. Dowels with incorrect lengths can be easily ejected through the computer control.
  • With modification kits, different dowel diameters can be used.
  • Completely closed 6 bar glue system eliminates both the hardening of the glue in the nozzle and the need of routine cleaning of the glue system.
  • Electronically controlled glue amount selector switch.
  • Control light indicating low volume of glue in the glue container.
  • Glue/Water selector switch for recommended occasional rinsing of the entire glue system.
  • Two separate 5 liter stainless steel containers of glue and water.
  • High pressure glue pump (24 to max. 90 bar) to supply high viscosity glue directly from bulk container (optional).
  • Electronic, optical glue insert control system G.I.C. monitors the glue shot directly upon injection. This guarantees 100% correct gluing of the dowel joint, assuring complete quality control (optional).