Material Handling

Machinery solutions increasing efficiencies while reducing defects due to damage.

Material handling solutions can increase production, reduce operator fatigue, and eliminate costly defects due to poor workpiece handling. Today we are trying to get the most from our manufacturing processes while minimizing inputs.

Doucet return conveyors allow a single individual to operate your edgebander, widebelt sander, moulder, or shape & sand machine. So why waste talent at the end of your machine simply catching parts? One return conveyor + one operator = one highly efficient work cell.

Delaney vacuum lifts allow for loading full sheets of material for nested-based routers and other sizing machines. Its innovative vacuum suction system uses only pneumatics and can be rotated 360o around the column for maximum flexibility.

The new Anderson MLS multi-bunk loading system can automatically load an Anderson CNC router from 6 pre-selected bunks of material. This small footprint design increases efficiency and maximizes the throughput of your CNC router.

Tigerstops range of pushers and stops can automate your crosscutting or drilling operation, increasing productivity with a high repeatable accuracy not achievable in a manual operation.

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