MLS Multi-Bunk Loading System

Machine Information

The ALL-NEW Anderson MLS (MULTI-BUNK LOADING SYSTEM) is designed to load full sheets of panel material automatically on to an Anderson or an Omnitech full-line CNC router. This system greatly reduces the loading time which will immediately increase your productivity & profitability!


  • System available with 2, 4, or 6 pre-staged lifts of material
  • Uses the same FANUC controller as the CNC router!
  • No communication issues between various control platforms
  • Can load from full bunks of material of up to 48” in overall height
  • LIFTS material & places it onto the staging conveyor without dragging it and potentially damaging the panel.
  • No need for indexing scissor lifts systems
  • Provision of material squaring posts allow material to be loaded from either side of the machine
  • An 8’ opening allows you to load the material directly from a forklift
  • Entire system fits under a 10’ ceiling height
  • Economically priced to be paired with our legendary Stratos Pro, Omnitech, or Andimaxx automated processing lines.