SP-RR Panel Cleaner

Machine Information

This machine is of fundamental importance to ensure perfect gluing results, above all when using thin cladding materials such as finish foil, aluminium and also polished laminates in pre-cut forms.

It is absolutely necessary in gluing lines using PUR hot melt glues, chipboard, MDF, plywood veneer panels, and plasterboard as well as other more or less porous materials.

The top and bottom roller brusher eliminates dust granules and cutting residue on the panels coming from the sectioning line. This operation is essential to achieve undisputed quality during the pressing and gluing operations.

Optional accessories for working inline: electronic inverter, automatic lifting with monitor for digital position display, electric control panel preset for line consents, motor driven roller unit, “stacking area” at the panel exit point, serving as a “storage unit” between the brusher and the gluer.

The SP-RR has been designed as an alternative to the SP-RSI, mainly for questions of cost and also where little space is available. We have developed a structure using new, commercially available materials, reducing costs by approx. 10%, enabling an automatic brusher to be installed in a width of 600 mm.

The shorter distance between drive roller centres, as well as the brush roller diameter, reduced from 290 mm to 190 mm, make it easier to load short pieces approx. 300 mm long.

All this still maintaining direct motor drive for the brush rollers and for the main drive, with base-mounted motor and chain transmission.