CGGS-INDEX Combined Sandwich Panel Composition Unit

Machine Information

This composition device is easy to use and highly appreciated for its quality/price ratio.

Efficient for various types of single or double-sided glued panel claddings, in conjunction with a roller spreader for traditional cold glues or hot melt PUR glues.

The most widely used version includes the synthetic composition conveyor with picker trolley for the operator, who unloads the glued panel onto the conveyor where the laminated, PVC or sheet metal cladding is waiting in position. A pedal control is used to move the laminates trolley forward again, to veneer the panel topside, subsequently transferring the product either to the roller press or to inline benches.

The other alternative, instead of the composition conveyor, consists of a lifting table with rollers, where the sandwich panels are individually composed, lowered each time pneumatically until the minimum height above ground level is reached. At this point the inline safety protection devices are freed to enter the press directly on the flat, or simply transfer the product to storage.