Maximize your yield and increase your profits.

The Cantek MRS340M Moving Blade Multi Ripsaw is available with 1 or 2 moving saw blades.  The motorized moving blade system is designed to provide you with maximum flexibility in your ripping operations to achieve the maximum yield from your material.   The touch screen control allows the operator to pre-set the blades position(s) or jog the blades to achieve the desired ripping result.   Each moving blade is controlled by a servo motor and is adjusted using a ball screw and linear guideway for the highest accuracy.  The blade position is indicated with a laser projection line so the operator can visualize the cutting line to increase efficiencies.  If you are looking to increase material yield and add flexibility to your ripping operations the MRS340M series is the ideal choice.

Why Cantek MRS340M Moving Blade Multi Ripsaw?

  • 1 or 2 moving blades for maximum flexibility to achieve optimal yield
  • Powerful 50HP main saw motor (Optional 60 or 75 HP)
  • Variable speed feed by frequency inverter with electronic overloading system to automatically reduce the feed speed when drawing too much load
  • Maximum 13.4” with between outside saws
  • Touch screen operator control can store up to 10-programs with 10-settings in each
  • Joystick is used to control the position of the blade
  • Maximum 14” saw blades for a cutting thickness up to 4”

  • Automatic mechanical lubricator for provide consistent lubrication to the chain track for maximum wear resistance
  • Insert type chain track with either replaceable steel or rubber inserts
  • Fixed and moving lasers which are tied to the moving blades for projecting the cutting line
  • (4) rows of safety anti-kickback fingers
  • Powered outfeed roll to evacuate ripped material from the machine
  • Pneumatic top pressure rolls for optimum control over the material resulting in accurate cutting
  • Precision high-quality cast-iron chain & track assembly for straight line cutting and maximum durability

Akhurst Machinery Group, a prominent player in the machinery industry, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Stromab SPA, an Italian manufacturer of innovative crosscutting solutions. This collaboration signifies a major commitment by both companies to bring cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions to the North American market. Akhurst Machinery Group, the parent company behind the well-known brands of Cantek and Leadermac USA, will leverage Stromab SPA’s expertise in crosscutting solutions to enhance its offerings in North America.

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Akhurst has made the move to distribute all of Anderson’s machines under one brand, Anderson. Anderson is the world leading CNC router manufacturer, with over 20 thousand machines sold worldwide and 5 thousand only in the US market.