A versatile crosscutting cut-off saw delivering exceptional performance at extremely high speeds.

The Stromab FAST500 MATRIX is a straight cut-off saw with an innovative electronic push feed system and controlled axis. It has been constructed to be highly efficient and increase production with up to 40% more production over the standard model. This state-of-the-art machine blends the reliability of a pneumatic cut-off saw with an ascending saw blade with an electronic push-feed system pusher system which is driven by a precision and high-speed rack and pinion guide system. The FAST500 MATRIX comes in three versions: BASE, OPTI, AND OPTI PLUS, with each offering integrated solutions to cater to your diverse needs.  Whether you are simply cutting to length or looking to defecting and optimizing, the FAST500 Matrix from Stromab has the crosscutting saw solution for you.

Why Stromab FAST500 MATRIX?

  • High speed pneumatic saw unit with optimized stroke for fast cutting cycles
  • Heavy duty rack and pinion material pusher system for fast and accurate positioning with high repeatability resulting in maximum productivity
  • The pusher is driven by a brushless motor and planetary reduction unit, coupled with a precision encoder for unparalleled accuracy
  • Fast cutting cycle of only 2 seconds
  • Available in three versions: “BASE”, “OPTI”, and “OPTI PLUS” according to your cutting requirements
  • High quality Beckhoff touch screen user interface with Windows operating system, USB port, and networking capabilities for importing programs or cutting lists
  • Four standard infeed length options available: 10 | 13 | 16 | 20 feet
  • Various outfeed systems are available from flat tables to automatic sorting kickers
  • Optional ink-jet marking spray system for printing information on the finished board to make it more easily identifiable

  • “BASE”: The saws standard “base” solution boasts an array of three uniform-length optimization options: Maximum length, Sequence, and Board sequence
  • “OPTI”: For automatic board length detection and full optimization – upgrading from 3 optimizing options to 6: (Longest length, Sequence, Board sequence, Volume, Minimum waste, and Priority length)
  • “OPTI PLUS”: For advanced mark detection ensures complete optimization while eliminating knots and defects. The system marks the material with fluorescent chalk, enhancing precision and quality.

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