If you need precision straight and angle crosscutting, it’s time to consider CT600 Matrix.

The Stromab CT600F MATRIX stands as a pinnacle of precision cut-off saws, featuring an innovative electronic push feed system with precise axis control. Its rotating blade, with a remarkable range of +/- 70°, is complemented by a milling unit designed for notching. This cutting-edge machine seamlessly marries the dependability of a pneumatic angle cut-off saw with an upward-moving blade, an advanced electronic push feed system, and an impeccably accurate rack and pinion guide system. The saw boasts an impressive array of six optimization options: Maximum length, Sequence, Board sequence, Volume, Minimum waste, and Priority. This ensures flexibility and adaptability for various cutting scenarios, maximizing productivity and material utilization. The motor system contains a brushless motor and a planetary reduction unit as well as a precision encoder for unparalleled accuracy. Since its debut, the CT600F MATRIX has surpassed all expectations by reaching unprecedented levels of performance, making it a continuous game-changer in the wood industry.

Why Stromab CT600F MATRIX?

  • Rotation blade capacity of +/- 70°
  • High speed cutting cycle for maximum throughput
  • Powerful 10HP main saw motor for effortless capacity cutting
  • Milling unit for making notches up to 400 x 100 x 75 mm (15.8 x 3.9 x 3”)
  • Precision pusher driven by high speed rack & pinion system
  • Equipped with a 12” BECKHOFF CP62XX touch-screen controller, with USB, Ethernet ports, and a WINDOWS operating software system
  • Ample storage capacity, accommodating up to 10,000 cutting lists with the ability to load and save machine parameters via USB
  • Pneumatic rising of the pusher at the end of the cutting cycle and overhead returning
  • Four loading capacity length options: 10’, 13’, 16’, and 20 foot
  • Various outfeed systems are available from flat tables to automatic sorting kickers
  • Two versions available, “OPTI” and “OPTI PLUS”, each offering integrated solutions to cater to diverse needs
  • “OPTI”: Automatic Cutting Line with Total Optimization:  The standard “OPTI” version provides an automatic measurement function for variable-length materials, whether loaded individually or in bundles, making it a perfect choice for those seeking optimal efficiency
  • “OPTI PLUS”: Automatic Cuttign Line with Total Optimization & Defect Cutting:  For advanced mark detection ensures complete optimization while eliminating knots and defects. The system marks the material with fluorescent chalk, enhancing precision and quality.

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