Small, versatile, full-featured vertical panel saw at an affordable price.

The Striebig Compact Series vertical panel saw is the entry level into the world of precision and quality of STRIEBIG vertical panel saws.

The Compact series is designed to meet the needs of users who require a smaller vertical panel saw for all their sizing cuts. Each Compact is equipped with all the typical features of a Striebig high-performance saw. It goes without saying that almost the entire range of standard accessories can be used on this machine. Apart from its size and power output, it is just as universal in use as all the other Striebig panel saws.

It is the ideal machine wherever a modern, space-saving panel saw is required. It can saw anything and, thanks to its versatile range of accessories, is equally suited to handling universal as well as special jobs at an affordable price.

A Compact series vertical panel saw will cut perfect edges on particle board, acrylics, composites, plastic and non-ferrous metal panels to an accuracy of 1/10 mm. It is thus the ideal machine for many workshops that regularly need to cut these materials.

You can measure and cut to an accuracy of 1/10 mm on a Compact with the digital measuring system (option). Additionally, the support rollers which are aligned and ground to a precision of 1/100 mm on all saws are a further guarantee of Striebig’s unlimited measuring precision.

Why Striebig Compact Series Vertical Panel Saw?

  • Space saving design provides optimum shop space utilization
  • The Saw Beam: Guarantee of angular accuracy and solidness. The steel construction of the saw beam is particularly stable and durable. Its twin interlocking mechanism ensures perfect angular accuracy.
  • The Saw Unit: strong and powerful, 3.9 kW (5.3 HP). The guide: backlash-free and smooth-running. In conjunction with the robust bearing of the motor carriage, this guarantees easy and precise work for years.
  • The Saw Frame: Precision thanks to stability. Upper guide rail, central support and roller support are perfectly parallel to each other. This guarantees you many years of cutting precision and a high-level of investment security.
  • High precision cutting with high repeatability for accurate component cutting
  • Optional scoring unit for chip free cutting of melamine or laminated materials
  • Solid, self-supporting, welded, rigid saw frame
  • Sturdy, durable saw beam steel construction
  • Robust bearing of the motor carriage ensures high cutting precision
  • Strong, low-vibration 3.9 kW motor (5.3 HP)
  • TRK dust extraction
  • Automatically yielding aluminium slatted frame with plastic supports
  • Device for wall mounting
  • Up to 17-fold roller support with 3 brake pedals
  • Up to 5.50 m long, divided central support at optimum working height, with aluminium grids
  • Up to 5.65 m long, integrated small workpiece support made of wood
  • Super-silent noise insulation to reduce saw blade noise
  • Electromagnetic motor brake

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Once you open the drawer and see the dovetail design, it elevates your product in the consumer’s eye. But why dovetail machine is right for my operation? When deciding to produce your own drawer boxes, a number of factors come into play when selecting the equipment required.

If you want to extend your cutter life, you need to produce an optimum chip load. And to achieve faster feed rates, you need to have axis servo drives large enough to move the machine’s mass at a rapid speed.

Akhurst is very proud of our involvement in the plant expansion of Kingswood Cabinets of Calgary, Alberta.  Kingswood recently relocated to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.