When assembling wood components, it is important to have a rigid clamping structure to ensure components are clamped firmly and square. Whether you are clamping case goods, drawers, edge-glued panels, or doors we have the clamping solution for you.

Our Gannomat case clamps are available as stand-alone machines or can be put in an automated line for higher output applications. The Concept range of lamellar case clamps requires no pre-setup and allows for quick changeover between various case good dimensions.

Doucet is an expert in panel, door, and drawer clamping systems. The SRX hydraulic clamp carrier can be configured in width, clamping dimensions, and quantity of sections. It is available with the RT100 robotic operator and can also be paired with fully CNC robotic loading and unloading systems for an autonomous operation. The SDM & RDM door clamps can be set up to clamp cabinet doors or passage doors. The DWM drawer clamp is the perfect complement to your dovetail machine.

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