Interlocking case clamp eliminates costly setup time, improving productivity and output.

The Gannomat Concept ECO Case Clamp is a manually operated clamp with interlocking vertical and horizontal pressure beams. The interlocking design virtually eliminates setup time when changing cabinet dimensions. The motorized clamping beams are individually adjusted to allow for optimum flexibility in clamping operations. Capable of clamping single or multiple cabinets simultaneously.

Why Gannomat Concept Eco Case Clamp?

  • With adjustable pressure & pressing time, the Concept Eco can perform the job whether you are clamping single or multiple cabinets with a few or numerous fixed shelves.
  • Eliminate costly changeover time with the interlocking lamellar case clamp with a powerful structure and robust design to produce precisely assembled cabinets.
  • Sturdy twist-free steel frame with welded construction.
  • Capable of clamping a single or multiple case goods simultaneously.
  • Base & side of machine produces perfect right angle to produce precisely square case goods.
  • Maximum 2200 dN (kg) pressing force per pressure beam.
  • (6) pressure settings for each beam ensure even clamping pressure no matter the size of the cabinet.
  • Simple operation with singular or simultaneous beam movement.
  • (3) pressing velocities according to the operator needs: 5 / 10 / 25 mm/sec.
  • Adjustable clamping cycle time with timer opening for optimum cycle times.
  • Green indicator light confirms clamping pressure is set optimally.

dowel construction

When one is considering the many methods of case good assembly, a number of factors are considered. The durability of the joint would be one main consideration. Speed of manufacturing and assembly would be another critical point. And last but not least are accuracy/tolerance.