A compact space saving case clamp capable of clamping single or multiple case goods

The Gannomat Concept Easy solid platen case clamp is specially designed to save time and labor in dowel construction cabinet assembly operations. Whether it is your only clamp or a second clamp the Gannomat Concept Easy will improve your cabinet assembly throughput. Available in configurations with working heights of 1700mm or 2500mm.

Why Gannomat Concept Easy Case Clamp?

  • Vertical design requires minimal floor space
  • Excellent value for an electronically controlled solid platen case clamp

  • Continuous working surfaces (fixed sidewall and side pressure beam), eliminates set up time for carcasses with fixed shelves, stretcher rails etc. and small carcasses like e.g. drawer-boxes
  • Simple operation by push buttons allows the operator to set the clamping pressure, clamping time, and opening / closing of the press
  • Electronically controlled automatic timer opening for optimum production cycles
  • Adjustable pressing force with selector-switch for optimum pressure
  • 90° angle at the carcass is ensured through the sturdy durable steel frame
  • Pressing force is exerted along the horizontal axis of the dowel joint by the side pressure beam. Most carcasses only require this single-directional clamping.
  • Several carcasses of the same width can be pressed in one operation
  • Wide spaced precision ball-bearing guides ensure the stability of the pressing beam
  • Adjustable clamping speed can be suited to your needs
  • Green indicator light displays when set pressure is reached

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