RT-100 Robotic Clamp Carrier Operator

Machine Information

Fifty percent faster than its predecessors, the ROBOTIC OPERATOR – Model RT100 marks the advent of a new generation of smooth running Clamp Carrier Automation Systems. The RT100 will allow you to boost the productivity of your panel assembly operation while keeping your labor cost under control.

1 The fastest robotic operator on the market Tightens 6 clamps along a 8 foot raceway, rotates to the next section and loosens the 6 clamps on the next section in less than 35 seconds
2 More power Features 10 HP hydraulic power unit (Advise Voltage)
3 Faster carriage Up to 160 feet per minute roving carriage
4 Faster pistol Up to 500 rpm tightening / loosening pistol
5 Smoother carriage operation Acceleration / deceleration by proportional flow control valve
6 Smoother clamp rotation Section indexing by a proportional flow control value
7 Improved homing accuracy Zero backlash rack and pinion carriage drive with interactive positioning control
8 Complaint tightening pistol Rubber mount on floating axis, extends butterfly nut life cycle
9 Improved structural rigidity Truss style offers improved load bearing capacity
10 Improved hold-down feet Truss style offers more even force distribution
11 Plug-n-play installation Floor mounted pedestal with leveling heels
12 Self-contained unit Clamp rest and carriage base integrated in one single unit
13 Simplified hydraulics Only 2 primary lines with a 6-way hydraulic value
14 More uptime No power unit preheating required
15 New programmable controller With Ethernet card for remote diagnostic via the Internet
16 Redesigned operator console Pictograms on basic model or, optional interactive panel view
17 Improved safety of operation Foam filled emergency bumpers for truly effective protection
18 Quieter operation Featuring a silent (62 dB) hydraulic pump
19 Improved ergonomics 17º workstation position for clamps up to 40” 31º workstation position for clamps 42” and longer
20 Wear free clamp rest assembly 1” diameter pivots with bushings
21 Extended life cycle Tempered steel carriage wheels and race tracks
22 Wear free pistol unit assembly Tempered steel pistol unit carriage wheels and tracks
23 Easy to maintain Quick access to all mechanical and electronic components
24 Innovative frame construction Precision laser cut components
25 High precision assembly Welded mortise and tenon construction