Production drilling & dowel inserting machine for simultaneous drilling, gluing, & insertion of dowels.

The Gannomat Elite 25/50 Dowel Drilling and Inserting Machines combine a robust machine design with high output features.  As standard the machine comes with a 25-spindle horizontal boring unit with 6 or 8 adjustable dowel inserting units.  In addition, the machine can be outfitted with an additional 25-spindle vertical boring unit for face drilling.  A program selector switch allows the operator to easily select between drilling only; drilling/inserting; drilling/gluing/inserting.  Comes equipped with (2) stainless steel pots for water and glue.  The water is used for cleaning the lines and the glue is used automatically injecting glue into the appropriate dowel hole.  The left and right fences are adjusted using precision digital readouts and along with the automatic mirror function you can quickly drill each end of the panel without the need to flip the panel.  Flipping the panel loses the accuracy and can shop up on assembly of the cabinet.

Why Gannomat Elite 25/50 Dowel Drilling and Inserting Machine?

  • Simple and fast operation for high production needs
  • Left and right fences with automatic mirror function for fast throughput
  • Precision horizontal boring unit with drill head 25 spindles pitch 32 mm with double end guides and linear bearings for best stability throughout the entire length of the boring
  • 6 or 8 dowel inserting units for Ø 8 mm, dowel-length 25 – 50 mm (optional 6/10/12 dowel diameters)
  • Pneumatic clamping cylinders
  • Digital-counters for setting of: drilling depth from 0 – 45 mm, outstanding dowel length from 5 – 15 mm or 15 – 25 mm, position adjustment for drilling height above working table 5 – 40 mm, 1 Pair of side stops from 5 – 40 mm
  • Closed gluing system with 6 bar glue pressure for glue with viscosity of 150 till 350 mPas
  • Setting of glue amount by potentiometer through electronic control
  • Using glue with dowels is stronger than only using pre-glued dowels
  • 1 Stainless steel-pot for 5 kg glue (1 ½ gallons) and 1 Stainless steel-pot for 5 l water (1 ½ gallons) for cleaning
  • Selector switch GLUE/WATER for cleaning of the gluing system
  • Control light for indicating the low volume of glue in the glue-pot
  • Fully automatic electronic control with foot-valve (Self-diagnostic-system)
  • Optional 25 spindle vertical boring unit (ELITE 50) drilling from below
Drillhead Horizontal (Elite 25 / 50)
25 @ 32 mm
Drillhead Vertical (Elite 50)
25 @ 32 mm
Dowel Inserting Units
6 dowel inserting units for Ø 8 mm
Dowel dimensions
Ø 6 @ 25-50 mm length
Position adjustment for drilling height
5 – 40 mm
Boring depth using drill bit length 77 mm
0 – 45 mm
Outstanding dowel length
5 – 15 mm or 15 – 25 mm
Tooling Required
Drill bits, length 77mm
 10 mm shank
Clamping height of workpiece
 max. 70 mm
Working height of table
 900 mm
Spindle speed
3400 RPM Air
Pressure requirement
6 – 8 bar
Air consumption
approx. 2.8 litre per cycle
2.2 kW (3 HP)
Time per operating cycle
approx. 4 sec.

dowel construction

When one is considering the many methods of case good assembly, a number of factors are considered. The durability of the joint would be one main consideration. Speed of manufacturing and assembly would be another critical point. And last but not least are accuracy/tolerance.