FMI-L In-Line Moisture Meter – Longitudinal Feed

Machine Information

For contact free measurement of wood moisture content to install in processing line

  • Microprocessor driven operating system
  • Up to 250 different product programs and a data outlet for the registration of the measured wood with statistics using a printer or a PC
  • Microprocessor driven Moisture Sensor that measures the wood over entire board length
  • Calibration Block
  • A serial communication interface RS232/RS485
  • An analog output 0(4)-20 mA or 0-10 Volt
  • Measuring range 4-30% MC

H.D. In-Line ”L” Type Longitudinal Sensor (Top/Bottom U-Shaped)

  • Internally mounted Light sensors to detect the end of one board and the beginning of the next board

Lateral Sensor(s) to be mounted below the material being run between chains

  • The option – Sorting on 4 levels
  • Optional “marking equipment”

A printer with serial interface can be directly connected to the FMI system to make reports of the measured MC of the wood. A PC can be connected also.

Visit The Brookhuis FMI Website for More Information: CLICK HERE