BIO-1 Biofuel Moisture Meter

Machine Information

Biofuel moisture meter BIO-1 is a state-of-the-art electronic device for measuring of moisture contents in:

  • sawdust, scobs, wood shavings,
  • hay and straw,
  • dried fruit waste,
  • fragmented waste paper,
  • sunflower hull,
  • buckwheat hull, bran, chaff,
  • sunflower and corn stem,
  • ground grain,
  • rape and soy oilseed cake.

The Moisture Meter is primarily designed for evaluation of moisture contents of materials used for production of briquettes and pellets. It can also be used for approximate measurement of readymade pellets (crumbled). The device is equipped with a temperature compensation and is delivered in an aesthetic black case.

The Moisture meter measures the resistance of a compressed sample of sawdust. The measurement is done in two stages:

  • first – the sample is compressed always to the same pressure of approx. 0.2 MPa,
  • second – the resistance of the sample is measured and converted into moisture contents.