FMW-T Handheld Meter

Machine Information

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FMW type microprocessor-controlled moisture meter suitable for measuring wood.

The FMW-T measures the moisture content immediately when the top side of the instrument is held against the material to be measured.

Because the specific density of the wood can be entered in the FMW-T all wood species can be measured extremely accurately. The FMW-T can be set for wood ranging between 250 and 1100 kg/m³.

The innovative sensor of the FMW-T enables it to measure even through lacquer and foil. The FMW-T is especially suitable for completed products as door cases, doors, furniture etc.

The FMW-T measures the wood just by touching it, and due to the high-frequency measuring technology, it will take measurements without damaging paint layers or building plastic. This makes the FMW-T moisture meter ideal for final and rapid inspections!