FME Handheld Moisture Meter

Machine Information

For accuracy

Microprocessor controlled moisture meter suitable for measuring wood and construction materials.
The FME measures the moisture content with an electrode that is placed in or onto the material to be measured.

The FME immediately corrects the measured moisture content to “real percentages” based on the set material and the set temperature. An unique feature are the calibration lines of the many wood species that are programmed in the FME.

The FME has a memory function for 50 measuring values and a connection for a temperature sensor for automatic temperature correction in case of wood moisture content.

The FME is the ideal instrument for the professional for accurate and particularly uncomplicated measurements of various wood species and construction materials.

The FME moisture meter is approved by the FMPA (MPA, Otto Graph Institute) for measuring the moisture content in glue laminated wood products