F250E Spindle Shaper


Machine Information

The basic machine design enables cutting in longitudinal direction of fibre (shaping, planing) by means of a tool fastened to the spindle perpendicular to the work table desk or tilted under the required angle.

Shapers F250E series

  • Enable gradual setting of the spindle tilt within -5°/+45°
  • The setting is performed manually by means of hand wheel located on the machine front control panel
  • The setting of the spindle height protrusion with attached tool
  • Mechanical Belt tensioning

If the machine is fitted with the side tenoning table supplied by the manufacture as optional additional equipment, the machine enables the cutting into the semi-product groove in perpendicular direction to the fibre direction, i.e. tenoning.

The above indicates the shaper F series is a multipurpose device suitable for all wood processing workshops.