DT-504 Door & Hinge Jamb Machine

Machine Information

The Dotul Door & Hinge Jamb Machine – Model DT-504 machines for the hinge mortise on the door and jamb only, both interior and exterior doors and jambs

Features Include:

  • Heavy-duty frame that will accommodate a 1-0 to 3-6 door width (2” increments); easily adjustable with two pins and balanced door platform.
  • Standard Dotul butt router is used to machine for the hinge mortise on the door and jamb – giving greater flexibility for 3” x 3” ~ 5” x 5” ¼ or 5/8 radius.
  • Pneumatic jamb clamping and raising of the jamb – ensures a perfect mortise.
  • Dust collection on the butt router – making for a cleaner work environment.
  • Overhead arms are installed to hang inline air tools – making it convenient for the operator.
  • Standard Dotul index bars are used for quick change over of hinge patterns – reducing labor and improving through put time.
  • 1¾ HP Porter-Cable router, motor w/tools – more HP for hardwoods and durability.
  • ½” Threaded Mandrel with ½” Carbide Tip Router Bit – easy to change the router bits, no special adjustment needed.
  • Dust Collection Kit (Less Vacuum Unit) standard feature – can be hooked up to a central dust collection system or free-standing vacuum.