Maximum throughput, high volume nesting CNC router solution.

The Anderson Stratos Pro Full Line CNC Router System is a fully integrated automatic Nesting CNC router line that greatly reduces cycle times by shortening the loading & unloading operations.  While the router is processing one sheet it will label the next sheet in the loading area.  After the machining cycle is completed, it will offload the cut pieces while automatically loading the next sheet and cleaning the spoil board.   It is equipped with our unique ONE STEP loading system that can grab the panel and load it into the machine in a SINGLE OPERATION.  All of this is done without any handing by the operator. If you are looking for maximum throughput in your panel production, look no further than the high performance Anderson Stratos Pro Full-Line nesting solution.

Why Anderson Stratos Pro Full Line CNC Router System?

  • Increase productivity by reducing the loading & unloading operations
  • One-Step loading system allows for the automatic loading and unloading to be performed simultaneously
  • Optional automatic bar code or labelling for improved part identification
  • High speed nesting cell with a single operator
  • Industrial CNC router construction for superior cutting speeds with maximum throughput
  • Motorized scissor lift table w/photo eye to achieve the working height of the line
  • Optional automatic part labeling
  • Suction loading assembly – ONE STEP LOADING for 4×8, 5×10, 5×12 sheets in a single cycle!
  • Automatic part offloading & table vacuum & air blow-off cleaning device
  • Motorized conveyor belt with built in dust collection chute to automatically offload completed parts intermediate dust chute

Cuisi-n-art, of Gatineau, Quebec, with an eye to the future, undertook a large construction project to double the size of their manufacturing facility and increase their production capacity. The centrepiece of their manufacturing plant expansion was implementing two Anderson Stratos Pro Full-Line CNC Routers and Schelling material storage system.

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When it comes to vacuum, hold down a bigger pump is not necessarily the answer. More important is the design of the vacuum table and how efficient it is at holding small parts during machining operations.

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Producing with optimum cut quality, increased production, and superior cutter performance. Choosing the right solution for your shop involves research and understanding which match your production expectations and future goals.