High production nesting for moving gantry CNC routers.

The Anderson STRATOS PRO CNC Router Series sets a new standard with its heavy-duty cast iron gantry to reach rapid travel rates to 100m/min and cutting speeds up to 50m/min. The STRATOS PRO is the ideal solution for high-speed nesting, whether you are producing cabinets or cabinet doors. Its robust design makes it the ideal CNC machining center for other materials such as solid wood, plastic, aluminum, honeycomb, and solid surface. The STRATOS PRO is available as a stand-alone machine or paired with a wide range of production-increasing features like automatic loading & unloading systems, multiple tool changers, large boring units, and barcode printing.

Anderson STRATOS PRO CNC Router

Why Anderson STRATOS PRO CNC Router?

  • Industrial design with heavy duty frame, gantry, and mounting plate for unmatched cutting speeds with superior cut quality.
  • Available with a wide range of standard features such as HSK electro-spindle, dynamic ride-along & post-mounted tool changers, and multi-spindle drilling heads.
  • Superior vacuum holds down using its highly efficient vacuum plenum design.
  • FANUC Oi-MF control system and FANUC servos for high reliability and ultimate performance.
  • Powerful 15HP HSK electro spindle: 1000~24000 RPM.
  • A wide range of ride-along and post-mounted tool changers are available to suit your production needs.
  • Multi-spindle boring heads are available from 16 to 32 spindles.
  • FANUC Oi-MF industrial controller & FANUC servo drives known for their reliability and performance.
  • Andersons AGMVP PC interface provides the operator with easy-to-use visual displays and packed with features like storable shortcuts for spoil board surfacing, machine homing and more.
  • Router and drilling units are fixed to a heavy-duty cast iron mounting plate which dampens vibration allowing for faster feed speeds and superior cut quality.
  • Hardened and precision ground ball screws with anti-backlash ball nuts are provided for movements of the Z-axis.
  • The Z-axis is driven by precision ground ball screws with anti-backlash ball nuts, which are used for their high precision and durability.
  • The X & Y-axis are driven by a helical rack & pinion system resulting in fast rapid travel rates (100 m/min) & cutting speeds (to 50 m/min) with optimum torque.
  • Dual rack and pinion drive system on X-axis.
  • Vacuum table is made of a welded torsion-resistant steel construction, on to which an industrial-grade, extra hard phenolic table has been mounted for secure positioning of the workpieces and holding fixtures.
  • Automatic vacuum zone selection according to your sheet size.
  • Automatic sheet reference pop-up pins integrated with the vacuum table for precise & convenient positioning of worksheets.
  • Integrated tool touch-off device for automatic tool length measuring, saving time & increasing productivity.
  • An efficient dust collection manifold is provided for the Router and Drill Heads.
  • Photocell safety curtain will pause the machine if the operator enters the loading area of the machine.
  • A safety hood for the spindle working area.

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