Compact Series Vertical Panel Saw

Machine Information

The Compact Vertical Panel Saw delivers legendary Striebig accuracy at a compact price.

  • Cuts up to 5′ x 10′ panels
  • Free standing, one-piece fully welded frame
  • Heavy-duty support rollers with integral panel stop assembly
  • Full-length center support shelf adjustable spacing for fingers
  • Built-in small parts support
  • Special measuring stop for use with small parts
  • Automatic, mechanically upward shifting support grid to keep off cuts from binding grind
  • TRK dust system exceeds European standards; note: requires an external collector
  • Cutting stations 40 inches on center (1 meter optional)
  • Equipped with 5-1/4 hp, 220/440* volt, 3 Phase motor with electric brake
  • Noise protection below 80 db (Super Silent)
  • 250 mm (9-7/8″) HFG carbide saw blade
  • Template bar accepts optional stops for setting common rip cuts
  • Optional repeat rip device for strip cutting from top of panel
  • Auto-engaging splitting wedge

The Compact is a totally new development from Striebig’s engineers. It is designed to meet the needs of users who require a smaller vertical panel saw for all their sizing cuts. Each compact is equipped with all the typical features of a Striebig high-performance saw. It goes without saying that almost the entire range of standard accessories can be used on this machine. Apart from its size and power output, it is just as universal in use as all the other Striebig panel saws.

A Compact is the ideal machine wherever a modern, space-saving panel saw is required. It can saw anything and, thanks to its versatile range of accessories, is equally suited to handling universal as well as special jobs at an affordable price.

A Compact will cut perfect edges on particle board, acrylics, composites, plastic and non-ferrous metal panels to an accuracy of 1/10 mm. It is thus the ideal machine for many workshops that regularly need to cut these materials.

Independent of type and size, the sizing cut is the principle at Striebig and this also applies to the Compact. The new self-supporting frame and a wealth of detail improvements guarantee precise, accurate cuts with perfect edges.

There are no differences in precision. You can measure and cut to an accuracy of 1/10 mm on a Compact with the digital measuring system (option). Additionally, the support rollers which are aligned and ground to a precision of 1/100 mm on all saws are a further guarantee of Striebig’s unlimited measuring precision.

Each Compact shares the quality and precision features of Striebig’s range of saws. The Compact’s slightly smaller dimensions are the major difference between this new model and the other saws in the current range. Like all other Striebig saws, the new Compact naturally meets CE specifications.

Compact for every job – small, flexible, universal.