4D Series Vertical Panel Saw

Machine Information

The Striebig 4D opens up a new performance spectrum for vertical panel cutting technology.

The name says it all – time as the 4th dimension is an integral part of this high end sawing centre.

The 4D is the first vertical saw to offer intelligent cut optimization. The function is integrated into the saw control system and facilitates an automatic cutting sequence. It thus ensures excellent levels of efficiency and top material utilization.

All horizontal and vertical workpiece movements are performed fully automatically by the 4D.

Complicated panel cutting and strip cutting work are fully automatic with the 4D. The panel does not have to be turned. With the PAV (Panel Lowering Device) and PPS unit (Programmable Panel Feeder) options, the saw combines continuous cutting with effortless 1 person operation.

  • Digital measuring system DMS (both axes)
  • 12” touchscreen colour display with touch&saw 2.0 operation
  • Automatic saw beam locking with cutting point recognition
  • Laser-supported display of the horizontal cut
  • Automatic saw unit swivelling in vertical or horizontal cutting position
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Automatic saw unit plunging and withdrawal
  • Electronic positioning system for horizontal cutting EPS.y
  • Infinitely variable feed speed 10-25 m/min
  • Selectable saw cycle
  • Automatic panel end recognition
  • Pneumatic clutch for switching easily to manual mode
  • Automatic riving knife movement