Used 2022 Estrema 14.5-28 Air Membrane Press

Machine Information

  • Press frame made of steel profiles
  • Platen dimensions:  1450×2800 mm (57” x 110”)
  • Internal chamber dimensions (tray bottom): 1330×2680 mm (52.4” x 105”)
  • Maximum useful lamination area: 1220×2570 mm (48” x 101”)
  • Max useful thickness (including pins): 55 mm (2.16”)
  • Loading side: 1450 mm (57”)
  • Total trust: 260 Ton
  • Up-stroke movement of the bottom platen
  • Pressure cylinders: 8
  • Pressure cylinders diameter: 110 mm (4.33”)
  • Max specific pressure: 5+1 kg/cm²
  • Mobile platen made of solid steel thickness: 95 mm (3.74”)
  • Aluminum heating platen with built-in electric elements
  • Max. working temperature: 150°C (302°F)
  • Heating unit power: 30 kW
  • Hydraulic power: 4 kW

Complete with Silicone membrane system for whole thermoplastic foils on 3D panels, complete with:

  • Membrane fixing frame
  • Special high elasticity membrane
  • Sensors and control software for automatic cycle
  • Special membrane temperature sensor.


  • Solid steel frame CNC machined
  • Bottom platen in solid steel CNC machined
  • Top platen with steel holding structure
  • Special top heating platen in aluminium with incorporated electrical resistances and
    channel for thermal oil circulation for heating uniformity
  • Thermal insulation between heating platen and press structure
  • Rack guides for mobile platen



  • Eight (8) Pressure cylinders
  • Automatic reset of the pressure
  • Pressurized plant of the pressing chamber complete with control valves
  • Vacuum plant complete with pump and control valve
  • 5 kW Vacuum pump power



  • Top heating platen with incorporated electrical resistances
  • Circulating circuit of the thermal oil in the platen for temperature uniformity
  • Maximum temperature 150°C (302°F)


  • Touch screen interface for the operator setting of the press parameters
  • Touch screen colour monitor
  • Digital timer for pressing
  • Digital timer for pre-heating
  • Digital timer for vacuum
  • Digital manometer for the setting and control of the working pressures
  • Digital thermometer for the setting and control of the working temperatures
  • Daily/weekly timer for the programming of the heating start
  • Detailed diagnosis of eventual working anomalies with PLC check
  • Storage memory of 200 working programs

Complete with:

  • Remote diagnostic assistance with ethernet connection