CRD-300 Automatic Handrail & Plate Drill

Machine Information

Our fully automatic CRD-300 drill used for dirlling of handrails and plates is designed to operate with speed, precision and minmal setup time. What operator has to do is simply enter thedistance of the first hole to the end of rail, baluster spacing, number of holes, rake angle, insert rail or plate and press Start button. As the machine takes over the high-speed router motor drills the hole with plunging bit and servi-actuator advances material until all holes are finished. It takes roughly 2 to 3 seconds per hole in level or rake rail.

We develop our technology for your benefit. The CRD-300 Automatic Handrail & Plate Drill makes a huge impact in day to day operation of stair-building companies. With this machine, cost of mistakes are down, shop labour is decreased and productivity goes up significantly.

Taking a step further, the CRD-300 drill can be integrated as part of a fully automated assembly machine for high production of preassembled rails, then an average 5ft rail takes roughly 2 ½ to 3 minutes to drill rail, predrill plate and build simultaneously with 100% accuracy.