HeavyDuty2 Automatic Pusher System

Machine Information

The TigerStop HeavyDuty2 (HD2) is our powerhouse automatic stop/gauge and pusher system for your heaviest stock (2,100 lbs. or more when using roller tables). HD2’s DC servo system automatically corrects its position, so you can always be sure of accurate finished parts. Ask about our power gripper, designed to provide up to 350 pounds of clamping force, stabilizing your material with accuracy and ease. The HD2 stop gauge is ideal for use with equipment such as upcut saws, band saws, or large circular saws. For example, HD2 is perfect for applications such as processing logs for log homes or even the largest wooden beams. The robust design of HD2’s linear way system can support the oversized rack and pinion gear, ensuring accuracy and durability for years to come.

And, the motor and electronics upgrade on the HD2, just gave it 40% more pushing power.  This means more ability for your toughest positioning applications.

Available in lengths up to 108 feet (33 meters).