NEX Series CNC Turning Centres

Machine Information

  • Perfectly balanced integration of controller, servos and mechanics.
  • The best solution for small/medium batch production of complex parts.
  • Latest generation of ultra rigid guideways provide sustained accuracy and greater metal removal.
  • Fast rapid traverse rates reduce non cutting time and increases productivity.
  • 12 station turret facilitates the most complex component and leave tools permanently set up.
  • Servo controlled high speed indexing reduces idle time and increases productivity.
  • Powerful, accurate and high speed turret provides maximum rigidity and ease of cuts.
  • Rigid bearing support promotes stable powerful cutting.
  • Precision assembly specifications ensure high component accuracy.
  • One piece, 30°, thermally balanced, slant bed design provides easy chip flow and maximizes rigidity for heavy duty cutting.
  • Latest 0i user friendly CNC controller from Fanuc.
  • Absolute encoders and precision servo drives eliminate operator misuse caused by incorrect zero position.
  • High speed processing and look ahead features allow fast and accurate cutting feeds.