VTPlus + VTurn Series CNC Lathes

Machine Information

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Victor Taichung’s manual lathes were the most popular lathes in the US market during the past three decades. The factory’s production line used to produce up to 800 lathes a month. The first CNC lathe (model C-16, D-24) with Fanuc 2000 control was established in 1980. It was the first flat bed CNC lathe at the time. Today, Victor Taichung has in production over 60 models with up to 100 sets of CNC lathes per month. The chuck sizes are from 6″ to 24″ on the horizontal lathes and from 12″ up to 35″ on the vertical lathes. They are available with optional live tooling, sub-spindle, Y-axis and large spindle bore models. All of them can be integrated with gantry robot, free standing robot or Easyway robot system for factory automation. All the CNC lathes are standard with Fanuc’s latest control, Fanuc spindle motor and servo motor system. Kitagawa chuck (except large spindle bore model), chip conveyor and air conditioner for electrical cabinet.


huck 6” 8” 10” 12” 15”~24”
Linear bearings
(LM guides)
VTplus-15 VTplus-20
VTplus-20LSB, Vturn-X200
Box Slideways
(High rigidity)
Vturn-16 Vturn-20E, Vturn-20, Vturn-20LSB Vturn-26 Vturn-26LSB, Vturn-36 Vturn-36LSB, Vturn-40, Vturn-45, Vturn-46
C-axis + Live Tooling Vturn-36CV Vturn-36LBSCV, Vturn-40CV, Vturn-46CV
Box Slideways
(High rigidity and high efficiency)
Vturn-A16 Vturn-A20 Vturn-A20LSB, Vturn-A26 Vturn-A26LSB
C-axis + Live Toolings (VDI or BMT turret) Vturn-A16CV Vtrun-A20CV Vturn-A26CV
Sub-spindle Vturn-A16SV Vturn-A20SV Vturn-A26SV
Y-axis Vturn-A16YCV Vturn-A20YCV Vturn-A26YCV
C-axis + Live Toolings + Sub-spindle + Y-axis Vturn-A16YSCV Vturn-A20YSCV Vturn-A26YSCV


Chuck 12”~18” 18”~32”
Box Slideways Vturn-V560 Vturn-V760
C-axis Vturn-V560CV Vturn-V760CV