The Finest All-in-One Plasma Processor on the Market.

The Peddinghaus Ring of Fire Thermal Processor is a true one-stop-shop machine capable of processing all structural shapes. With the ability to process plate, flat stock, square tubing, angle, beams and channel, the Ring of Fire can go from fabricating columns and floor beams straight to clip angles and other detail parts in a single pass.

What makes the Ring of Fire perfect for fabricators is its advanced 360º approach to cutting sections. This machine not only acts as a superior coping machine, but it can take the place of a drill line, band saw and angle line. With the additional marking on 4 sides of the profile, the Ring of Fire becomes a true powerhouse.

Why Peddinghaus Ring of Fire Thermal Processor?

  • An HPR400xd plasma cutting system is affixed to a 360 degree rotating ring, allowing for superior flexibility
  • Integrated overhead dust collection system for maximum effectiveness
  • Outfeed gripper shuttle used to process trailing end of profile or for short parts within nested sections
  • Roller feed measurement allows for superior accuracy
  • Small parts and scraps that fall within operating area of the Ring of Fire are conveyed outside of the machine
  • Smarter design ensures longevity

One Machine for All Processes
The Ring of Fire from Peddinghaus is the ideal solution for shops looking for a one-stop production package. Harnessing the power of modern plasma technology, the Ring of Fire is capable of processing up to 50 tons of structural steel per week.

360º Plasma Technology
The Ring of Fire Thermal Processor utilizes a never before seen 360º approach to plasma cutting. A single Hypertherm Plasma torch is fixed to a rotating “ring” which is capable of revolving in excess of 360º around the profile being processed. This allows the machine to process all 4 sides of a tube; process each side of a beam, angle, or channel; and mark on 4 sides of any structural member.

The Most Versatile Plasma Cutting
The Ring of Fire utilizes a 360º approach to plasma cutting. A single Hypertherm plasma torch is fixed to a rotating ring, capable of revolving in excess of 360º around the profile being processed. This allows the machine to process all 4 sides of a tube, process each side of a beam, angle or channel and even mark on all 4 sides of any structural profile

Integrated Layout Marking
Multi-axis plasma layout marking is a long-lasting and economical solution. Faster than carbide scribing and easier to maintain than a laser, the Ring of Fire utilizes modern layout marking plasma technology. Completely visible through rust and scale, plasma layout marking technology reduces error from manual layout and marking weld data onto a profile.

Nonstop Throughput with Roller Feed Measurement
Peddinghaus’ Roller Feed Measurement system exceeds the industry standard for roller measurement technology. Maintaining accurate measurements without any hesitation in production is crucial. Accuracy is not compromised even despite deviations in material.


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