The most economical beam and profile coping machine in the world.

The Ocean Machinery Liberator CNC Beam Coping Machine is the most affordable beam coper in the world, and is the result of a strong and productive collaboration with Peddinghaus, the number one manufacturer of structural steel fabricating machinery.

The Liberator will cut the copes in your steel beams faster than your layout man can even layout the copes. In the same way that the Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line and the Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line brought affordable automation of beams and angles to the small-to-medium fabricator, the Ocean Liberator similarly brings automated beam coping into shops that otherwise could never have considered it.

It is an amazingly economical 5-axis CNC robotic oxy-fuel cutting beam coper that will enable you to make any type of cut on beams, channels, angels, plates, and rectangular tubes. Literally anything that you can draw, can be cut by this superbly versatile profile cutting machine. Not only does it cope, but it cuts to length too!

This single torch CNC beam coper removes the need for manually laying out your copes, and ensures that copes are done neatly and accurately, direct from your CNC detail drawings.

Why Ocean Machinery CNC Beam Coping Machine?

  • Designed to be a simple machine to use, and all machine functions are not only intuitive, but also very easy to master
  • Features a rigid heavy duty welded frame that easily mates to a variety of automatic or manual in-feed and out-feed conveyors
  • The solid frame provides the rigid platform from which the articulated 5-axis torch is driven, ensuring accurate and repeatable copes and cuts in a variety of profiles
  • Beam coper is equipped with a heavy-duty automatic igniter for simple automatic ignition
  • Handheld remote pendant allows fine-tuning of the cutting gap and travel speed, and provides the operator freedom of movement during cutting
  • This supremely versatile machine allows coping and cutting of beams, channel, angle, plate, tube.
  • Cuts steel at speeds of up to 30 inches per minute depending on material thickness and hardness, type of gas, flame adjustments, and other factors, and has a fast positioning speed of up to 400 inches per minute
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • No computer experience required
  • The most economical beam and profile coping machine in the world, and costs less than one-third the price of comparable coping machines
  • The liberator can be found in a range of different industries
  • Comprises a sturdily built welded steel framework that supports the suspended rack and pinion drives
  • Features a projected laser line for setting the zero reference and a pneumatically actuated set of clamps that hold the profile to the datum line
  • 5 axes allow the torch to articulate into almost any position


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