PEDDIASSEMBLER Robotic Beam Assembler


Machine Information

The Absolute Solution for Steel Beam Assembly

The PeddiAssembler, powered by Zeman, is the absolute solution for steel beam assembly. This fabrication shop supercharger has been designed specifically to speed up one of the most time-consuming areas of the fabrication process.

Revolutionary Tacking and Welding
Use this machine to place all welded connection plates with unrivaled accuracy and remove human error with laser precision. Run by a single operator, the PeddiAssembler excels in repeatability and reliability.

Premier Robotics for Top-Notch Processing
Designed and built by ABB, a world leader in robotics, the tacking robot is paired with both a handling and parts scanning robot. This unbeatable combination effortlessly places parts up to 440 lbs (200 kg) and assembles entire beams, tubes and channels.

Integrated Profile Turning Device
In order to ensure smooth and continuous production, the main profile is stabilized by integrated profile turning devices on the PeddiAssembler. These turning devices rotate the beam as needed for welding on all sides of the material.

Repeatable Accuracy with the Laser Scanning System
The PeddiAssembler is equipped with an intelligent laser measurement system to detect positional dimensions and tolerances of the material. The material scanning takes place as one continuous cycle. Each part is scanned on the table individually, and can also be in the form of pre-welded parts.

Single Rail Design
The whole robotics system rests on a single rail design which maintains a small machine footprint. The compact design only occupies the space of one fitter station.

Torch Mounted Laser Measurement
The PeddiAssembler’s torch mounted laser measurement is able to locate the zero reference for the entire process on a profile as well as define the measurements of tacked parts.

ProFit Software
This machine is outfitted with Zeman’s ProFit software that runs on a Siemens control. This cutting edge technology converts CAD file information to the machine processes with ease. The software bridges the gap and aids in helping operators determine the best process for the current material that is tacked or welded.