DGP 1270 Miter Band Saw

Machine Information

Similar to other Peddinghaus designs, the DGP-1270 band saw utilizes a smarter design for maximum longevity of consumables, and core components. Technology that includes a unique portal frame mitering mechanism, twin column construction, rigid material clamping, and an innovative lift and kneel material transport to ensure maximum ROI on your machine tool investment.

Total Miter Cutting Versatility

Utilizing a unique portal frame design, the DGP-1270 is capable of cutting a wide range of miter cuts. Whether it’s mitering 45º Left or Right, mitering 60º Left or Right, or 90º straight cuts, the DGP-1270 performs. Total miter cutting capability can be achieved via program command, or manual input into the saw control.

Speed Sawing Capabilities

Peddinghaus’ patented speed sawing technology provides fabricators with a competitive edge in just 5 simple steps, eliminating inefficiencies caused by old fashioned sawing technology.

  1. Rapid advance blade approach
  2. Automatic material sensing
  3. Automatic cutting speed transition
  4. Feed compensation during the cut
  5. End of cut sensing and automatic retract

Each of these steps make cutting more productive, and allow for higher production efficiencies.

Designed to Last

As with any other Peddinghaus machine the DGP-1270 band saw is designed to last. Proven to be the saw of choice for fabricators both large and small, the DGP-1270 band saw brings a new meaning to the word “reliable”. 

Powerful Blade Motor

Faster cutting requires a robust and powerful blade motor. The DGP-1270 band saw relies upon a powerful 14.5 kW (20 HP) Blade Motor. Because of this, the DGP-1270 can utilize aggressive blades in order to remove more material simultaneously and provide faster / cleaner cuts.

Minimized Maintenance

Simply expediting the production cycle is only half of the cutting process. Maintenance plays a critical role in the performance and lifespan of equipment. The DGP-1270 employs several features that minimize the burden of machine maintenance, and ensures the lowest cost of operation.

Measurement Options

In tandem with a drill or as a standalone system, Peddinghaus band saws are capable of fully automatic cutting via program command.