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Lightning Rail Automated Marking Machine


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Introducing the Lightning Rail, the first fully-automated CNC marking machine created specifically for the layout of commercial handrails.

From picket railings, stair stringers, ladders, and more, the Lightning Rail provides a layout in any configuration by transforming your designs to a printed layout on a rigid steel-framed table.

The Lightning Rail drastically reduces the time it takes to lay out a handrail. In just minutes, the layout is transferred to the fabrication table, ready for materials. Forget about the countless hours spent with tape measures, squares and soapstone.

Production time is cut by more than 50%. Fabricators load their drawing to the controller and just press print. They can then start gathering their materials for the project while the layout is happening.

Manual layouts can lead to mistakes. But with the Lightning Rail, layouts are made with the highest level of accuracy — virtually assuring the correct layout, every time.

As an example, a single handrail project using a traditional manual layout could take more than 4 hours to produce. With the Lightning Rail, that production time could be just under 2 hours, if not faster. A layout that normally would take 2 1/2 hours using the traditional method can print onto our surface in just over 5 minutes.

A more accurate product, produced in less than half the time, multiplied over hundreds of handrails, adds up to a significant increase in your profits.

  • The Lightning Rail’s straight-forward interface is intuitive to operate and works with any DXF file.
  • Its compact design can fit easily into your existing fabrication environment.
  • Its unique functionality can also be used on complex designs and to lay out many other items.
  • Layouts wash off with a simple odorless, biodegradable solution.
  • Tables are offered in 4-foot or 8-foot widths.
  • Table length is just under 30 feet.

For the fabricator looking to maximize their production time and more importantly, profits, the Lightning Rail is a smart decision.