400 MOGGY® Trackless Fillet Welding Carriage w/ Integrated Wire Feeder

Machine Information

Carriage Features:
– Integrated Wire Feeder for Improved Effiecency and Productivity
– Holds up to 12″ Diameter Spools
– Continuous or Stitch Welding Modes
– Step Back Feature Reduces Weld Cracks
– Programmable Control

Additional carriage options are available:
– Lap Weld Guide Wheels
– Attachment for Internal Radius Welding
– Protective Pelican® Case
– V-Groove Track

The 400 MOGGY® is a trackless welding carriage with an integrated wire feeder, used to automate and improve manual welding processes in Shipbuilding, Tank Construction, and other heavy fabrication applications. The carriage is a lightweight, portable, four wheel friction drive travel carriage that can be used with or without track to automate welding operations. A speed potentiometer provides infinite speed selection within the speed range. The 400 MOGGY® can be adapted for use on standard 6″ (152.4mm) v-groove track by reversing the wheel assemblies. Safety is assured by using Gullco low voltage 24 volt DC highly advanced control power supply system that is available in 3 line voltage inputs 42, 110 and 230 volt AC 50/60 Hz.