It is time to stop losing untapped revenue by turning your wood waste into valuable material.

The Cantek FL18 Fully Automatic Finger Jointer represents a state-of-the-art finger jointing production line, meticulously engineered to transform wood waste into valuable materials with an exceptional balance between performance and cost-efficiency. From the initial workpiece in-feed to the precise left and right shaping and ultimately the jointing process, every step is executed swiftly and accurately. The entire production line has been thoughtfully crafted for enduring reliability, ensuring consistent performance year after year. With its pioneering technology, this system delivers exceptional value, redefining industry standards in terms of both performance and return on investment, establishing itself as a constant catalyst for innovation in the wood industry.

Why Cantek FL18 Fully Automatic Finger Jointer?

  • Excellent return on investment
  • Only two operators required for maximum production
  • Up to 4000 linear feet per day
  • Invertor motor drive provides a production rate of up to 3~4 cycles/min
  • Workpieces automatically travel between profiling & gluing stations
  • As standard we use PVAc glue, but we have optional gluing systems for PUR, MUF, EPI, etc. available upon request
  • Length of cut is calculated by an encoder and set on a touch screen for increased accuracy

  • With the F-D01-12 automatic feeding table the workpiece is fed one by one into the assembly press, eliminating the need to have a second operator
  • F-C07 and F-C08 finger shapers perform automatic scoring, trimming, shaping, and gluing
  • Automatic wood turn over from vertical to horizontal by a brush wheel before entering into the finger assembler
  • Synchronized jointing and length cutting is performed in a 2-step process within the F-A08 Assembly Press – the standard jointing length is 14 feet
  • Pneumatically loaded feed rollers have air cylinders to always achieve smooth and stable feeding